The Simple Cleaning Schedule (Free Downloadable Printable)

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I’m going to honest and tell you that I am NOT one of those people who likes to clean. In fact, I find doing chores most incredibly tedious. So, like anyone else in my shoes, I often do whatever I can do avoid them. Trouble is, that means that sometimes my husband and I spend hours doing massive cleaning sessions all at once–laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, etc. But, friends, I’m tired of giving up my Saturdays to cleaning! So, in addition to doing whatever we can to eliminate clutter, JL and I finally perfected a simple cleaning schedule that works for us.

We’ve been through several versions of a cleaning checklist and (very) long story short, they were all too complicated!

 The Simple Cleaning Schedule

Why We Use The Simple Cleaning Schedule

While I sometimes feel that I’d rather get other things done, I’ve found that when our home is chaotic, I hate being in it! I get very stressed out! As much as we both have other priorities in our lives, my husband and I came to the realization that we spend a significant portion of our income on our home and we want it to be a nice, peaceful environment!

In the past, we had a hard time consistently cleaning our home. At one point we had a very elaborate checklist of who does what. But then I’d get busy or he’d get stuck with big project at work and then we just ended up feeling overwhelmed and behind. This simple list is much more flexible and has actually allowed us to help each other out more than assigned tasks ever did.

We’ve also found that the beauty of the simple cleaning schedule is that the rotation of chores makes things more manageable.  If we have to skip a day because something came up, it’s okay! We get a chance for a do over in a few short days and it isn’t overwhelming.

How to Keep Track of Your Simple Cleaning Schedule

A schedule can easily become a checklist if you place it prominently and create a way to mark it up. You could:

      • Laminate the simple cleaning schedule — Use a dry erase marker to check off the items you’ve done. This is ideal for placing it somewhere like the refrigerator.
      • Frame the simple cleaning schedule — Just like the laminated schedule, use a dry erase marker to mark what has been completed. This is just a nicer way to keep your list.
      • Track in a bullet journal — I love my bullet journal and keep track of the bigger monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly tasks with a simple checklist.

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 Download the Simple Cleaning Schedule for Free

Simple Cleaning Schedule