Why You Need Two Baby Registries (and only two!)

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So you’re having a baby! Yay! Congratulations!! Do you feel ready? If not, that’s okay! That’s totally normal! But, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, babies require a lot of stuff and getting ready for baby can be really, really overwhelming. It’s hard enough to know what you need, but also where you should register! To help you out, here’s my two cents: you need TWO baby registries — and only two!

Here’s a link to my minimalist baby registry checklist

Why you need two baby registriesIt’s so exciting to be able to pick out what you need for your baby!

You’ll dream about the perfect nursery and bringing your little booboo home in the cutest receiving blanket… but when you have your shower, you’ll find that a lot of people, and I mean a lot, won’t purchase anything off of your registry. Some are super generous and some are regifting things from their baby shower in 1993. While should be grateful for all gifts (because, hey, you never know!), there is something you can do to increase the odds of people buying off of your registry.

You Need Two Baby Registries

In order to increase the chances of having people actually give you the gifts you (conveniently) told them you need, I highly recommend that you make it easy for your guests. This means that you need to consider their habits –and that’s exactly why you need two baby registries.

First, you need an Amazon.com registry.

Second, you need a Target or Buy Buy Baby registry.


Here’s why:

There are really two types of people who are going to buy gifts for you: The Planner and the Last Minute Buyer.

Baby Shower Attendee Type 1: The Planner

Some of your friends and family will get your invite, go online, purchase your gift, and take less than 5 minutes to do it. For those people, you need a registry that is super convenient. That’s why I recommend an Amazon Baby Registry.

It’s no secret that almost everyone has Amazon Prime because it’s convenient and it’s super easy to use.

If you’re not up signed up on Amazon yet, just wait till you have your kid. You’ll be buying stuff on there all the time. I can’t recommend an Amazon Prime membership for new parents enough. And I also recommend Amazon Family!)  like signing up for diapers? But it’s really easy to be able to send the link and to get what you asked for.

There are a million options on for baby things Amazon and you can choose handmade items, which is really neat.

Don’t forget: You get a 20% off completion coupon to finish out anything that’s on your registry from the baby section! So make sure you fill it up!

Baby Shower Attendee Type 2: The Last Minute Shopper

We all know that having a baby is the biggest and most exciting that has ever happened to you! That’s normal, but remember that your guests probably don’t feel the same way. A good number of your guests are going to remember your shower the night before it happens and only then will they run out to get something. You need to have a registry option that is easy for them.

If you live near a Target (or if the shower is near a Target), I highly recommend their registry. They have the cutest stuff and that 20% off completion coupon works in store and online. PLUS you get an additional 5% off of your registry (and all purchases) if you have a RED card (debit or credit!) 

Target is super convenient for most shoppers and you’ll likely get several gifts from the store and their online store.

If you don’t have a Target near you, think about what’s near you. Is there a Babies R’ Us? Buy Buy Baby? Pottery Barn Kids? Ikea? Choose one of these and create a registry there.

But you ONLY Need Two Baby Registries

If you have too many registers, things might start to get a little complicated for your guests. I have felt overwhelmed by too many options in the past and your guest probably will too! This is why you only need two baby registries!

I hope that is helpful to you!!

What questions do you have as you prepare to start your registry? I’d love to know!