5 Simple Ways to Make Money with Zero Effort

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Did you decide to become a mom because you knew it would make you rich? Yeah, no. Me neither. You do it because you love it and you love your kids. I know it sounds a little too good to be true, but you really can make money with zero effort–or at least very, very little effort.

Using these sites/apps, I probably bring in (or save) somewhere between $25-200 a month.

make money with zero effort

So whether you need some quick cash to pay the bills this month or you just want to make enough money to pay a maid service to come clean your house (so you don’t have to) this post is for you!

My Top 5 Ways to Make Money with Zero Effort:

ebates cash back easy money - Make Money with Zero Effort


This is above and beyond the easiest way to make money with zero effort. If you buy ANYTHING online and you’re not using this, you’re missing out. Ebates gives you cash (yes, like an actual check!) back on the things you already buy. Do you shop at Overstock.com? Gap? Macy’s? Groupon? GNC? You can get anywhere from 1% to 20% cash back just by clicking one button. Once you sign up for Ebates, you can download a plugin right into your browser that pops up every time you visit a site that qualifies for cash back. You just click “Activate” and it adds money for you! You can also use the app on your phone and it’s very, very easy to use.Sign up for Ebates and get $10 cash in addition to your first purchase!If you sign up now, you can get 10 additional dollars back with your first purchase!

make money with zero effort - iBotta


Think couponing, but way, way easier. I glance at this app every time I go to Target, Kroger, Publix, wherever, and select the items that I think I’ll buy. I often get $1 back per shopping trip on produce that I buy anyway (avocados, onions, bananas, apples, etc) and maybe a few dollars back on some other other items. That’s EVERY SINGLE trip to the store. It’s super simple and you get a $10 bonus for using it just once!Download iBotta app!

Shopkick app gift cards - Make Money with Zero Effort


This app is really fun for me. You get “kicks” every time you walk into a store and then additional kicks for scanning certain items or purchasing certain items. The kicks add up to points and I’m almost ready to cash out a $75 gift card on my next trip to Target. The one downside is that you do have to get a gift card and can’t get cash, but who doesn’t use gift cards to places like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, Walgreens, or other major retailers? Plus you get bonus kicks for signing up and just walking into any participating store! Download the Shopkick app!

Use it quickly though! The free points expire after 7 days! Just check at your next Target or grocery store run!

Make Money with Zero Effort


I hate it when I purchase and item and it goes on sale two weeks later. Don’t you? That’s where Paribus comes in handy. It reviews the purchases you’ve made on your card and they refund you the difference when the item you bought goes on sale! It works for Amazon.com, Target, Walmart, Overstock, Nordstrom, West Elm and lots of other major retailers. They do charge a small fee for each transaction that comes out of your refund, but once you sign up, if you share the link with friends and they sign up, the fee is reduced. Sign up for free and see if you have any refunds waiting!

Make Money with Zero Effort


Swagbucks has been around forever, but it couldn’t be easier and I have NO CLUE why people don’t use it. Click the link to read all of the 10000000 options, but I use it mostly as my search engine. Google and other companies record your searches anyway, so why not go through a company that pays you for that info? It couldn’t be easier.

I hope those are helpful to you!

Have any other super easy ways to make money with zero effort ideas or tips? Comment below!