Going with the Flow, Learning to Focus

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It’s been a while…

I have been getting back into yoga again for the first time in over a year after healing from pregnancy, a c-section, another abdominal surgery (don’t worry, I’m fine), and a diastasis recti. And in so doing, I’ve learned something important, or, rather, relearned something important, that has inspired some change in a few areas of my life, including this blog: going with the flow.

Each time I stand on my mat and as I close my eyes to focus on my breath, I am flooded with a mass of thoughts, to do list items, concerns, hopes, sensations, memories, and ideas. But, as is the yogi way, I don’t dwell on any one thought. I allow those thoughts to come into my mind and let them pass on by, claiming and focusing only on my breath–the life sustaining air that God has given me.

going with the flow, learning to focus

It’s not that those thoughts aren’t important, but the 20-60 minutes spent on mat they are not mine to deal with and they don’t belong to me. I feel so free on that mat. While I still have client work, a baby to care for, and a list of household projects, lately the time to clear my head has showed me that I’m happier, and better overall, when I can clear my plate and focus on what really matters most.

So I’m simplifying and trying something new: going with the flow

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, I love checking something off of my to do list. I love finishing things, starting new project, and I especially love researching. And these are all great things! But there comes a point where it is all too much. Just as hoarders acquire things, I think those of us who are achievers can create so many goals and projects that at some point, it’s unhealthy.

What does this have to do with a blog, you ask?

For those playing along at home, I have loved being a new mom and have found a great deal of personal fulfillment in being a mother. I’ve also found a great deal of fulfillment in finding ways to pour into my creative self. I’ve developed a passion for helping other moms find that growth and purpose as well. So I started The Creative Mom Collective.

Y’all, I have put so much work into TCMC.

But here’s the thing: I have too much on my plate and as I focus on my breath, something in my heart is telling me to let The Creative Mom Collective go in order to simplify my life. Despite the work I’ve put into it, the traffic is just not there. A little surprisingly to me, this blog gets a pretty decent amount of traffic every day with almost no effort. So it’s time to capitalize on that by going with the flow of traffic… literally. On top of that, this is where I feel that I’m able to be more authentic and that serves my long-term goals better anyway.

So things I’ll carry on from The Creative Mom Collective:

  • Featured Creative Mom of the Month
    • Moms who pursue their creative passions professionally! I love sharing these stories of women who are chasing their dreams, making this world beautiful, and loving their babies.
  • Making Mom Life Easier
    • Pretty self explanatory! I want to share the things that I’ve found that make life easier! Who couldn’t use that?
  • Blogging
    • After all, this blog focuses on writing!I have been able to build up a great freelance business doing ghost writing for bloggers, website content, and SEO for a range of clients. I love talking about it!
  • Working from home help
    • I LOVE working from home, but it isn’t always easy! I’d love to share what has worked for me and to learn what works for you!

Even as I write this, I hesitate and catch myself trying to change my mind. I hate to even admit that I’m giving anything up, but it’s what’s best. It’s time to practice what I preach. I learned so much in the process of creating TCMC and I am so grateful for those lessons that I can transfer to clients and this blog.

Maybe one day I’ll pick it back up and pull content from this site to TCMC. However, I’ve had to make the difficult decision to simply and carry on with only one blog, this blog.

So, starting right away, this is me going with the flow. I’ll be posting regularly back here, back on my internet-home, Maybe I’m Amazed.

Until then,