Christmas Gift for English Majors and Book Lovers

15 Gifts for English Majors and Book Lovers

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English majors: We’re a unique crowd. Some might call us pretentious, but I like to say that know what we like! If you have any on your list and feeling a little lost, here’s some help with a ideas for gifts for English Majors and Book Lovers.

Whether your’e looking for Christmas gifts, birthday presents, or something special for graduation, there’s a lot of good stuff out there! Be sure to check below for some bonus gifts that aren’t in the image. If you have other gifts you’ve loved, let me know in the comments!!

Gift for English Majors and Book Lovers

1. I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar Tee | 2. Sherlock Cat Plush | 3. Book Stack Necklace
4. I Like Big Books Tote | 5. Hand Held Embosser | 6. Lit in Literature Mug
7. Beat Poetry Magnet Kit | 8. Hand Stamped Drink Tea Spoon | 9. Wooden Vintage Type Writer Sticky or Note Holder | 10. New Yorker Covers Postcards | 11. Perfect Gender Neutral Book Bag | 12. Jane Austen Socks | 13. Save Your Place Bookmark | 14. Library Due Date Notecards | 15. “I Still Believe in Fairytales” Dewey Decimal System Earrings


Bonus: MORE Gifts for English Majors and Book Lovers

As promised, here’s some bonus ideas for you! Make sure to check out those glasses. They look REALLY weird, but they’re amazing.

My Weekend Is All Booked Tee

Harry Potter Word Art Print

Out of Print Punk Rock Writers

Bath Caddy

Prism Glasses
(So you can read while lying down! These things are the best EVER.)

Shakespearean Jewelry

What’s your favorite thing on the list?

Anything else you’d like to see?


Christmas Gift for English Majors and Book Lovers