Why Every Busy Mom Should Get an Instant Pot

Why Every Busy Mom Should Get an Instant Pot

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Y’all. I had heard a bit about electric pressure cookers on a few of the podcasts I listen to and so one day I just decided to go for it… I bought an Instant Pot, but had low expectations. If you don’t want to read on, I’ll just give you the short version: I LOVE MY INSTANT POT. I think everyone should have one! But if you want to know what’s up, read on and I’ll tell you why I think every busy mom should get an instant pot AND a little bonus for reading: 5 perfect recipes for beginners.

I love to cook. I listen to podcasts about cooking and I’m the go-to food person in my family during. It’s a form of therapy for me. But even if I didn’t love cooking, I’d still love the Instant Pot.

Why Every Busy Mom Should Get an Instant Pot


These days, my son wants to be held constantly (and only by me), so my time to cook is extremely limited. Toddler + hot stove = me envisioning every final destination scenario imaginable. So, for a while there, we were doing a lot of takeout.

And I think that’s most families: because of constraints on our time and attention, finding time to cook is really hard. So if you’re a busy mom and you’re thinking about getting an Instant Pot (or IP), here’s the reason why you absolutely should go for it:

The Instant Pot Creates Only ONE Dish

When I cook dinner, I generally use least one sauté pan, one pot, and probably a baking sheet. Not to mention serving bowls or whatever I use in the microwave. With the IP we use ONE pot, a spoon or tongs, and the plates we eat off of.

I have been able to make my sides first, do a quick rinse, and make the main dish, but I’m thinking about getting a 3qt Instant Pot for sides as well. We’ll see. For now, I love having one dish to just stick in the dish washer and be done with it.

Make Your Meals Faster

I’m sure if you’ve looked into the IP, you know that it says that your food cooks faster. So here’s the honest truth: Your food does cook faster; however, it does require that you take some time for the pot to come up to pressure. Depending on the amount of liquid in the pot, “coming to pressure” does take a little bit of time, but you would send that time letting something heat up or come to temperature on the stove or oven anyway.

ALSO it doubles as a slow cooker, and we all know it never hurts to have a multiple one of those!

You can Pick the Right Size for Your Family

There are several different sizes. For a family of 4+ I would recommend the 8 quart, but if space is a concern then you’ll get along just fine with the 6 quart. And if you want to make sides or a smaller batch of something, the 3 quart is also popular. Many people have multiple ones!

^Here’s the 8 quart for bigger families ^


^Here’s the 6 quart Instant Pot ^


^Here’s the 3 quart^


^ Here’s one you can program with your phone while you’re at work! ^

It’s Super Easy: You Don’t Have to “Babysit” Your Food

When you’re cooking on the stove or in the oven, you need to be available to remove lids, stir, reduce heat, etc., etc., etc. When your time is at a premium and there are tiny children reaching up onto the stove, it’s awesome to be able to press a button, walk away, and not worry about someone getting burned. Go help you kids with homework, help build a fort, whatever you want to do: it’s super easy.

When You’re Feeling Unsure, There’s a 700,000+ People You Can Ask

The Facebook group is one of my favorite things about the IP. Especially when you’re starting out, it’s nice to be able to ask questions and to see what is working well for other people.  People joke that getting an instant pot is like joining a cult, but it’s only because people get REALLY into their IPs! I love seeing what other people are doing and having the ability to ask questions.

As an example, for my first meal I wanted to make balsamic chicken breast and an packaged garlic noodles on the side. I looked up how to make the chicken on Pinterest, but didn’t know how to convert the time on the box to the IP. But thankfully, the Facebook group knew!

There are a Ton of Healthy Recipes Available

It turns out that the IP is actually very friendly to those on Whole 30 or eating clean because that’s (generally) what cooks best in it! Check out my Pinterest account to find a BUNCH of them!

Make Your Meals STRAIGHT Out of the Freezer!

Yeah. That’s right. Prep everything ahead of time, freeze it, put it in the pot, press a button, and BAM! Dinner. I haven’t done this yet, but I’ve started doing a bunch of research. I just bought my plastic bowls to start doing freezer meals, but I’ve been told to get these if you have the 8 quart and to get these if you have the 6 quart. There are a bunch of options on Pinterest, but I’ll try a few and then check back in with the food we enjoy most!

So that’s it, moms. Save time, focus on something other than dinner, and still get healthy, yummy food. I’d say that’s a win-win-win!

And don’t think I forgot about the bonus!! Here’s five bonus recipes that I’ve tried and LOVE:

  1. Cook FROZEN chicken 
  2. Meatloaf and veggies 
  3. Beef and Broccoli 
  4. Cilantro Lime Rice
  5. Garlic mashed potatoes 

Are you a busy parent who loves like the Instant Pot? What are your favorite recipes?

Comment below!