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Whether’s it’s my babysitter, my mother-in-law, or any other random person, people are always interested to know how I make money online. The answer is, in short, a lot of different ways, but part of what I do is create written copy to help businesses (and my own blog) to boost blog traffic with SEO.

No matter what your business is online, if you want to be making money or making a difference, you need to be doing what it takes to get noticed by optimizing your site. If you’re interested in learning how, I hope you’ll enjoy the checklist I made for you at that bottom of this post, but I’ve also included a few quick tools I use regularly and also the courses that taught me what I know!

Boost blog traffic with SEO and a free SEO checklist


What’s SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization–essentially optimizing your site so that search engines can find it. You can optimize content on the back end of a site (that’s another blog post) as well as the front end through content and keywords. That’s what we’re focusing on today.

You might be the best and most interesting expert on grilled cheese, but unless you know what Google and other engines are looking for, you might be putting content out there that search engines can’t access. How terrible would that be? That’s why you need to understand SEO if you want to get noticed.

So are you ready to get noticed? The it’s time to get serious about SEO! I took a few courses that were instrumental in teaching me everything I know and have changed the way I shape my written online content.

How I Learned about Best SEO Practices

I’ve have been blogging off and on for years and I don’t think I really got how to really incorporate best practices for SEO into my content until I took a class on it to learn the technical stuff and then I learned a lot more in another great course (It’s called EBA and info is below). Before taking these classes, didn’t realize that other people out there were studying, planning, and strategically using keywords to get noticed and to move up on those search engine pages. I had no idea that you could boost blog traffic with SEO.

I learned so much from Kelly’s Sticky Blogging and her course that I am happy to recommend it to other bloggers and freelance writers looking to get themselves (and their clients) noticed on everything from Google to Pinterest (my two main traffic sources).

The most helpful part of the course was learning how to research keywords. I had no idea you could do that. I also had no clue that you should build a strategy around the right kinds of keywords for you and your business/blog. Kelly offer’s a free course and a paid course. I recommend at least trying the free course and then, if you like it, upgrade to her free course. I have seen a significant boost in my traffic since taking this course, so I really do recommend it.

Sign up for Kelly’s Free Course at Sticky Blogging for Busy Bloggers

How I Optimized My Site’s Content

Signing up for Elite Blog Academy was the best thing I’ve done for my blogging–and freelance writing–career. Period. This course really helped me focus my site and content. Not only does the course cover SEO, but it helped me clarify my site’s contents to myself, my readers, AND search engines.

I also recommend The Blog Structure Blueprint. It really helped me see very clearly what I needed to do to make my website content clear and easy to find/understand. It’s also not quite as big of a time/financial investment. If you’re interested in just that aspect of the course and not anything else, this is a fabulous great resource.  You should have seen what a mess my blog was before I did this!

Like I said, I went on to take the Elite Blog Academy course and while it covers WAY, WAY, WAY more than SEO, it has not just changed my numbers, it has completely changed the way I approach blogging all together. Think you’re ready to get serious about blogging?

My Favorite Keyword Research Tool

If you want to really boost blog traffic with SEO, you need to do the research BEFORE you get writing. I’ve tried a few different options, paid and unpaid, (including ones Kelly recommends) and I think the best one is Jaaxy. After the (awesome) free trial, it does come with a monthly cost, but it is way worth it. (Sign up is free and doesn’t require a credit card, so there’s no harm in checking it out.)

You can scan your site for keywords and also do a TON of detailed research on your keywords/keyword strategy. There’s also a LOT out there for helping you increase traffic (and income) within your niche. It’s so great. You can sign up for free here or try start researching with 30 free searches here:

Get the Yoast SEO Plugin

ESPECIALLY if you’re starting out, get the Yoast SEO plugin (for WordPress blogs). It’s free and essentially serves as a reminder within your content page to boost your SEO. It will rate your content as red (bad), yellow (better), or green (best) and show you how to improve little things within your text. Super easy to use and really helpful.

Boost Blog Traffic with SEO and Other Help

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