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I had my first big parenting scare when I *thought* that I had thrown away a lysol wipe… but apparently I missed the trash can and I turned around to see that my sweet little baby boy had put it in his mouth. HEY-O POISON CONTROL!! He ended up being totally fine, but after that, I knew that I needed to find some non-toxic options for cleaning our home. I’m happy report that I think I found the best natural cleaning product out there and had to share! 

best natural cleaning product

What Makes Force of Nature the Best Natural Cleaning Product?

There are a lot of natural cleaning products out there, but I recently learned that “natural” doesn’t always non-toxic. Sometimes “natural” products can be just as dangerous as the P&G big brands.

The word “natural” is a big buzz word right now and it feels like everything and everyone is suddenly afraid of chemicals. But it’s important to realize that even natural products can cause allergic reactions or can still be poisonous.

However, this product is truly safe AND it’s effective. It’s made with just water from the tap, and a solution of vinegar and salt. What makes it different from any of the home-made solutions is the station (in the picture below) that charges the solution to make it something much more effective, without introducing harsh or poisonous chemicals.

Here’s What I Love About Force of Nature

best natural cleaning product Force of Nature

It’s Baby Safe

This was huge for me. As you read, I had a scary experience with disinfecting wipes, but I think it goes beyond worrying about kids putting something in their mouth. Unlike other cleaning products, I was also rinsing things after cleaning them to remove chemical residue. It’s so nice to be able to wipe up the high chair and not have that extra step.

It’s also really nice to be able to clean the bathtub with my son right next to me (because, bless him, he’s clingy af) instead of waiting until his dad or I distract him long enough for the other to clean the tub, rinse it, and then let the smell dissipate.

Above all, this is why I think Force of Nature is the best natural cleaning product.

It’s Awesome Having ONE Cleaning Solution for EVERY Surface of my House

ICYMI, I recently wrote a post about what I do to clean my house faster–it’s all about the tools you use! I love having one bottle that I use for windows, counters, cabinets, the microwave, mirrors, the bath tub, spot cleaning the hardwood floor and even carpet everything.

If you’re looking to simplify your cleaning routine, I also created a Simple Cleaning Schedule that I hope you’ll check out!

It Really Works

Normally, I would never gush about a cleaning product. But I love this stuff. Who doesn’t love feeling like their home is clean and not having to worry about whether or not my son is going to get dangerous chemicals in his eyes or mouth. I love that can clean a toothbrush or pacifier with it, but I can also sanitize my counter top after raw chicken touched it.

I do NOT feel good about using plain vinegar or vinegar and baking soda as a sterilizer. Sure, it’s fine to use them for everyday cleaning, but I used sanitizing solutions on top the “natural” stuff because I didn’t feel confident that it could kill some of the more dangerous germs.

best natural cleaning product Force of Nature

It’s Affordable

This was huge for me in deciding what is the best natural cleaning product. I need to be honest and say that I normally opted for the brands like Clorox and 409 because they’re typically cheaper than products like Seventh Generation and other “natural” cleaning brands. However, even if they worked as well as Force of Nature, this costs SEVEN CENTS per ounce.

Compare it to other brands here.

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It’s Better for the Environment

Not only do I worry about the impact that dangerous chemicals have on my family, but it really bothers me to think about the way many cleaning products are made and then used/disposed of that hurt the environment. I also love using less plastic.

How Force of Nature Works

This video explains it FAR better than I ever could!

The Science Behind Force of Nature best natural cleaning product

Still not convinced that Force of Nature is best natural cleaning product? Sign up for their newsletter. It took me about a week’s worth of emails to read about the science behind it. But I’m so glad I did!

You can buy Force of Nature here and you’ll get a discount if you sign up for the newsletter using my link!

Hope you love it as much as I do!

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