100 Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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The holidays are a magical time of year that can, unfortunately, wreck havoc on your bank account. If you’re looking for some Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas this year, here’s the ultimate list for you! Whether they’re for everyone on your list, the people in your large office, or just people like the mail carrier or your favorite cashier at the store, there’s a perfect idea for you somewhere on this list.

100 Cheap DIY Christmas Present Ideas - Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

The Best Places to Shop for Supplies Online

If you’re hoping to get a deal, then it’s a great idea to look online where it’s sometimes easier to buy in bulk and to use coupons.

Amazon Craft Supplies – You’d be surprised by what’s available on Amazon in the craft supplies section! With free two day shipping, you can sign up for a free Prime trial and cancel before your trial ends. (Or keep it! I LOVE my Amazon account.)

DollarTree.com – Everything is $1 at Dollar Tree. Did you know that you can order bulk items from the dollar store online? It’s awesome if you need to order lots of jars or other items in bulk.

Michaels OnlineMichaels is a great resource when you’re shopping on a budget. Don’t forget that you can use their coupons online and sometimes get 50% or more off of more expensive items (which is great when you’re buying in bulk). Click here to see today’s deals and coupons.

Etsy – Not always the cheapest, but you can find portions of a project that you don’t have the time or talent to do on Etsy easily.

Cricut – If you have a Cricut, your crafting options open up significantly. This isn’t a money saving site, but it’s a great tool to invest in to help you save money on crafts down the road. I don’t have one, but it’s definitely on my list this year. I’ve used a friend’s in the past and they’re great.

Big Time Money Savers:

Before you start shopping or planning for cheap DIY Christmas gift ideas, make sure you download these. I save/earn hundreds of dollars every year and Christmas season with these!

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Alrighty and now to the gifts…

100 Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas by Category

Crafty Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas:

Decorative ornaments – think of creative ways to fill or decorate ornaments like this or make your own! Don’t forget to personalize them! 

Candles – Whether you’re interested in dipped candle sticks or soy candles in a glass jar, there are a lot of tutorials online for making candles. Here’s a kit for soy candles to get you started.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - DIY blanket scarf

Blanket Flannel Scarf – I love blanket scarves and here’s a super simple tutorial for a blanket flannel scarf that’s only $5 per scarf from Our Home Made Easy.

Soap – I’ve never made soap, but wouldn’t a nice soap sans all of those chemicals and irritants be a nice gift? I think this Almond Joy Goat’s Milk Soap sounds heavenly.

DIY Snow Globe – There are a bunch of ways to make DIY snow globes! Take some time to google or look on Pinterest if you’re interested in snow globes or other similar cheap DIY Christmas gift ideas because there a to of different versions!

DIY Wind Chime – You can use old spoons or other long metal objects and hang them from a piece of wood with holes drilled into it for the rope. Make sure it sounds nice and doesn’t sound like something just clanking metal together!

Bath bombs – Yes! You can make you own bath bombs! You can buy a bath bomb making kit or shape them into cute Christmas molds.

Lip balm – There are dozens of great and affordable recipes on Pinterest. Here are 50 plastic cosmetic pots for a little under $15.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - DIY Shower Steamer

Shower Steamer – Whether you use the to relax or to help you breathe when you’re feeling sick, shower steamers are awesome. Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to make them from Busy Bliss.

Wooden ornaments – Decorate some small wooden slices and then drill a hole in the to place a hook. Customize them with the year and family names or paint a pretty design.

Scented Room Spray – Cinnamon is a popular one this time of year! There are a bunch of different ways to make scented room spray.

Make a Wreath – Get a foam wreath and fill it with candy, flowers, pine needle branches, or whatever you like.

Customized Garden Stone – Find a large stone and paint it nicely! Paint “Welcome to My Garden!” or another sweet phrase on it.

Tshirt Tote Bag – Have some cute tshirts and want to make them into a bag? Check out Pinterest and Youtube for tutorials, there are tons out there.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - DIY Wooden Serving Tray Christmas Present

Creative Serving TraysThis Ron Swanson serving tray is the coolest thing ever, but you could put whatever words/artwork you want on yours!

Iron-on Onesie – You can purchase a whole pack of onesies for cheap! Trace a cookie cutter or another shape you like on a piece of colorful cloth and cut it out. Using iron on adhesive tape, attach the shape to a onesie. Cute holiday ideas include short sayings like, “Ho ho ho!” or shapes like a present or Christmas tree.

Makeup Bag – You can buy white canvas makeup bags and decorate them with anything from sharpies (use rubbing alcohol to dilute it) to acrylic paint.

Natural Wooden “Welcome” Sign – Paint the center of this wooden piece black and then with white paint write “Welcome!”

Wax Paper Printed Wood Decor – Did you know that you can print onto wax paper and transfer it onto wood? You can make trays, wall hangings, whatever you like.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Easy DIY Sweater Mittens Tutorial

Sweater Mittens – Got old sweaters? Make mittens out of them! Here’s an easy tutorial from Life’s a Party.

Customize a Mouse Pad – Start with a blank mouse pad and use markers or paint to decorate it. Something to do that’s easy to do and looks great is geometric patterns.

Monogram Something – Print out and trace or just practice getting really good at a monogram for your gifts! You can monogram just about anything.

Create Button Art – Get a fabric hoop and some cute fabric, sew buttons onto the fabric in a shape like a wreath, the first letter of their name, or something else meaningful

Etched Wooden Cutting Board – Customize a cutting board with this wood etching set.

String Art – If you have wood, nails, a hammer and string, you can make this. Nail your nails into the shape of a heart, a name or something else meaningful and you just weave colorful string across the nails until it begins to fill out the shape. Put a hook on the back so that the person who receives it can hang it on the wall.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - DIY Hanging Succulent Planter

Hanging Succulent Planter – This is a classy and surprisingly simple gift for just about anyone. Here’s a tutorial on how to make it from the Kitchen Garten!

Painted Mason Jar Candle Holders – Paint mason jars with spray paint or with a paint brush. Depending on what type of paint you use, you could also use them as a candle holder. Consider using glitter if you would like to

Jewelry – The sky is the limit here. Try some earring bases, necklace chains, and bracelets to start and customize however you like.

Custom Phone Case – Start with a blank phone case and customize it!

Sugar Scrub – The sky is the limit but it you have peppermint essential oils or vanilla and brown sugar, a sugar scrub can make a great gift in a pinch. Try putting them in these containers.


Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Cheap and Easy DIY Sharpie Mugs for Christmas Presents

Sharpie Mugs – There are multiple ways to do this, but I particularly love this tutorial from Domestic Imperfection! (This is especially cute if you have kids helping you craft.)

Wine Bottle Sweater – Buy a cheaper bottle of wine (I’ve heard surprising things about Aldi’s wine! It’s $3 per bottle, but I haven’t tried it so try it before you give it out!) and drop the bottle into a cute sock that has a pattern like a sweater. Tie with a pretty ribbon on top. You can find tons of cute, cheap socks at Dollar Tree.

Painted Camera Strap – Find a white canvas camera strap and use stamps or decorate it however you like.

Custom Labels on Soda Drinks – You could make one yourself or uses these super cute (and free) printables

Clock – Did you know you can make a clock out of just about anything? Check out this DIY clock kit.

Kitchen Planter Box – Make a year-round herbs potter using cheap wood from the hardwood store and decorate with a simple stain, a fun quote, or a fun color.

Book Ends – Glue a plastic animal or something else fun to a heavy block of wood with super glue. Spray paint the whole thing gold, silver, or another solid color.

Embroider a Tea Towel – If you can sew well, try embroidering anything from a monogram to a snowflake to a sweet holiday-related saying on some white tea towels.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Santa sack

Custom Santa Sack – For those of you who have awesome crafting skills, these custom Santa Sacks are ADORABLE from Foot Prints of Inspiration.

Anything Crocheted or Knitted – Who doesn’t love a home made scarf, mittens, hat or blanket. One of my most treasured gifts from a friend when my son was born is a carseat blanket that was done by hand. Michaels always has great deals on materials.

Kindling – To start a fire or to help it smell nice, dip pine cones lightly in wax or collect small twigs and wrap them together nicely with ribbon.

Dog toy – Cut out two pieces of felt into the shape of a Christmas tree and then sew them together. Stuff with batting, but make sure that the dog’s owner knows to never leave a dog unsupervised with toys stuffed with batting, but they’ll enjoy it under supervision!

Cat Toy – Tie some feathers and a jingle bell on one end a of a string and secure the other to a stick!

Etched Wine Glasses – Get some wine glasses (or anything else glass), stencils, and glass etching cream. It’s easy and looks fabulous. Here are some stencils for names/dates.

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

Fabric Ornaments – I love these beautiful ornaments and this tutorial from Making Manzanita!

Birdseed Feeders – Mash peanut butter and bird seed into a cookie cutter, using a straw to cut a hole out of it. Once it dries (you may have to bake it or freeze it depending on what you use) put a string through the hole so it can be hung outside. Another option is to put this onto a pine cone.

Mug Scarf – Know someone who loves coffee at home or goes to Starbucks regularly? Mug/to go coffee cup scarfs can be made out of existing sweaters or knitted easily.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - DIY Apron from Shirts

Apron Made from Shirts – Here’s a whole list of ideas, but DIY Joy features this image of a tshirt apron and shows you how to do it.

Photo coasters – Looking for a way to showcase some old photos? Look up a tutorial to transfer pictures onto blank coasters. You could also have your kids decorate these paper coasters.

Flax Seed Heating Pad – Sunshine and Rainy Days has this awesome tutorial for making flax seed heating pads to help relax away muscle pains! I would love this gift.

Painted Reclaimed Wood – Have some wood laying around? Use that or buy some reclaimed wood! Get in touch with your creative side and paint it! Think of cute holiday sayings, paint Santa, reindeer, snow on a tree or anything else that would go well with the Christmas season. Make sure to add a hanging hook on the back.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts: Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars – There are all sorts of options for customization, but I particularly loved this 3 ingredient lotion bar tutorial from Melissa Norris.

Candy Cane Bath Salts – Another great spa-related gift is a nice scented bath salt. They’re great for soaking in the tub. Here’s a tutorial for holiday themed salts from The Peaceful Mom!

Food Related Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas: 

Food is another great way to go when you’re looking for cheap DIY Christmas gift ideas!

Salted Caramel Sauce – Try this recipe from Bon Appetit and use these mason jars.

Cookie Dough – Don’t forget to keep it cold and write out baking instructions, but cookie dough is always fun!

Cookies Mix in a Jar – Layer all of the dry ingredients into your most famous cookie recipe in a large mason jar. Attach a tag with the recipe and baking instructions. Add a cookie cutter if you like! A fabulous cheap DIY Christmas gift ideas!

Chocolates – Make chocolate candies! Try using holiday inspired molds or a classic mold. Try using different fillings!

Soup Mix in a Jar – Layer dry ingredients for a soup mix (or cheat and dump pre-made soup mix–no one needs to know!) into a mason jar. Don’t for get to attach the recipe on a tag. For smaller mason jars, try these. 

Chex Mix – I found a site that has 12 different recipes and they’re all worth checking out!

Candy Bark – There tons of variations for bark candy or brittle candy. Look on Pinterest for some ideas!

Donuts – Get some small powdered donuts or donut holes and stack them an a cellophane bag. Draw a nose, a mouth, and eyes with a sharpie and tie with black ribbon.

Homemade Marshmallows – Find a recipe for plain or flavored marshmallows and try doing a holiday mold or stick to the classic cubes.

Candy in a Mason Jar (plus free printable tags) – Use any size jar you like and add a free printable from Mom Envy.

Chocolate Dipped Coffee Spoons – Dip plastic spoons into melted chocolate. Add crushed peppermint or other flavors that will easily melt in hot coffee if you would like some variety. Wrap them in cellophane bags to add an extra touch.

Salad Dressing – Dry or already mixed, there are lots of recipes that don’t need to be kept cold and are delicious gifts!

Homemade Dog Treats – There are a ton of recipes on line, but I just love these different sized bone shaped cookie cutters for dog treats.

Dip mixes – French onion, ranch, greek? They’re all great dips that generally require dry ingredients and then you only need to mix cream cheese or greek yogurt.

Cat Treats – Treats aren’t only for dogs! There are tons of recipes online!

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Cheap DIY Christmas Present Cashew Coconut Brittle

Cashew Coconut Brittle – Check out this cashew coconut brittle from Life is a Party!

Pasta Sauce – Can your grandma’s famous marinara and give as a gift! (If your grandma doesn’t have a famous recipe, find one and make it yours with a little customization!) Include dried homemade noodles in a cellophane bag if you like!

Homemade Pickles – It’s surprisingly easy to make pickles, especially if you have time to do it a few months before Christmas.

Homemade Spice Blends (with tags) – Doesn’t matter if it’s a table blend, ranch seasoning, taco mix or anything else, this is a great gift! Here’s some free printable tags to label them from Melissa Norris!

Flavored Butter – Let a stick of butter come to room temperature and mix any of the following into it: 1 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary, 2 tbsp thawed frozen raspberries, 2 tsp brown sugar. (Choose whichever flavor you like, but don’t mix them all together!) Once mixed, put the butter into a jar or shape into a tube and freeze.

Hot chocolate Mix – You could put hot chocolate mix into a larger ornament or a single serving into a smaller ornament. Don’t forget to put the mini marshmallows in there. Wrap with a ribbon and attach heating instructions.

Vanilla Extract – Did you know that you can make your own vanilla extract? Make some with this recipe from Wellness Mama and then put them in pretty jars like these.

BBQ Sauce – Find a great recipe for bbq sauce and can it!

Pickled Veggies – You can pickle SO much more than cucumbers! Carrots, beats, onions, garlic, etc., are all great options.

Pretzels dipped in Chocolate – Buy some melting chocolate and drizzle or dip over pretzels. Sprinkles are always fun!

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows – Homemade or store bought, large marshmallows dipped in chocolate and wrapped in cellophane bag are a cute gift.

Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips – Per ounce, the Lay’s version of these are a little pricey. You can melt chocolate and then dip potato chips in them. The salt and sugar is a great combo.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit – Doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or something like dried apricots, chocolate dipped fruit is always a winner. Roll chocolate in things like coconut flakes before it dries for some more color.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - DIY Homemade Limoncello for Christmas Presents

Limoncello – Here’s a recipe for homemade limoncello from Apron Warrior.

Banana or Pumpkin Bread – You can buy bread making kits or just use a recipe, but this is always a winner. Bake the bread in these cute paper tins and wrap in cellophane for a prettier presentation!

Homemade Apple Sauce – Everybody loves apple butter and this recipe is delicious! Give in 8oz mason jars.

Brownies – Make a tray of brownies and decorate them with red and green sprinkles. If you make enough, put them in a pretty box like this.

Pumpkin Butter – A twist on the classic! Super easy to make and tastes delicious! Try it in these mason jars.

Fudge – Easy to make in huge batches! Give in cellophane wrappers or holiday themed plastic containers!

Jelly – You can make it in a bread machine, in the freezer, or on the stove! You can use any container, but mason jars are a classic.

Themed Baskets for Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas:

Baskets are another really great way to go if you’re looking for cheap DIY Christmas gift ideas! No matter what the basket has in it, choose a cute basket, fill it with paper filler, and wrap with a cellophane bag. Other options could be to put these items in paper boxes like these, plastic containers, or reusable canvas bags.

Ice Cream Sunday Basket – Sprinkles, fudge (home made or store bought), a cute mug/glass, and a spoon make great cheap DIY Christmas gift ideas

Try Your Luck Basket – Lucky charms and some lottery tickets

At Home Movie Night Basket – Popcorn, a Redbox or Fandango Now credit, candy, and some canned soda. I love this “Just Poppin In to Wish You a Merry Christmas” printable!

Manicure Basket – Throw in your favorite nail polish color, a file, some cuticle oil/balm, and some lotion.

Sugar Cookie Basket – Make or buy dry sugar cookie mix, add sprinkles, icing, or other decoration options in fun containers within the kit.

Hot Chocolate Basket – Give someone a holiday mug, some hot chocolate mix, and some marshmallows. Throw in some cookies and items like crushed peppermint or pieces of candy that will melt. Throw in some Bailey’s if you’re feeling generous!

DIY Cocktails Basket – Include small bottles of liquor and small portions of the items needed to make different cocktails. Think a Jack and Coke, some bitters, maybe some simple syrup, and things like that.

Spa Basket – Include an eye mask, massaging roller, relaxing bath salts, and anything else you’d like to add.

Coffee Lover’s Basket – Include a mug or mugs, a bag of coffee or box of k cups, chocolate dipped spoons, and a few different recipes for special drinks.

Cheap DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Hot Toddy Basket – Put tea bags, honey, bourbon, a lemon, cinnamon sticks, and some star anise in a basket and voila! Don’t forget the mug!

Kitchen Basket – Know someone who needs a few kitchen items? Fill this basket with cooking utensils like a whisk, an ice cream scoop, spatula, ladle, and tongs. Rest them on top of an oven mitt, dish soap, clean sponges, and maybe a few kitchen gadgets. Consider adding a pot or pan if needed and wanted by the gift recipient and if your budget allows.

Cupcake Basket – Include a few recipes and/or dry mixes, sprinkles, several kinds of cupcake liners, and a small muffin tin.

Sangria Basket – Include a pitcher, pieces of fruit, a bottle of wine, and a large spoon to mix it with! Look up recipes online for different items to include.